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Fall Getaway '09 page
By LeNae Gerig

stamping project
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LeNae's Designer Tip: Create simple embellishments by stamping medallions direct to paper, or stamp and cut from paper. Stack with foam tape and secure brads to the center.



  1. Cut a 9”x 11” rectangle of orange/burgundy patterned paper. Tear the bottom edge, ink the edges and mat with dark brown, leaving a 1/8” wide border and a torn edge. Stamp in the top corners. Glue to the center of the leaves paper, ¾” from the top edge.
  2. Cut a 2”x12” strip of burgundy paisley paper and ink the long edges. Stamp a large medallion to the center of the strip with a medium medallion on each side. Stamp smaller medallion on medium brown, cut out and foam tape to the center of those on the border. Secure brads to the center of each. Glue the strip 2” above the torn edge.
  3. Mat a 7”x5” photo with dark brown paper, leaving a 1/8” wide border. Glue to orange paper, 1” from the top. Glue a large mustard tag cut-out at an angle at the bottom right corner. Mat a 2”x2 ½” photo with dark brown and glue, angled, over the tag.
  4. Stamp medallions on both mustard cardstock and burgundy paisley paper and cut out. Glue to the right corner of the small photo. Stamp a small medallion on dark brown and foam tape to the burgundy medallion. Secure brads at the center of medallions. Knot a length of ribbon and glue over a small ivory tag below the medallions.

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