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By Shauna Berglund-Immel

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Shauna’s spook-tacular layout has a festive patchwork effect, perfect for autumn and Halloween designs. “Cut strips of paper and stamp along the seams to create a quilted effect,” says Shauna. “This allows you to mix and match a variety of patterned papers—and use up some of that scrap paper!” 

Worried about lining up the stamped patterns? Never fear! Using an acrylic block allows you to see through to the paper, making it easy to line up the patterns and create continuous designs. And, says Shauna: “Even if they’re a bit askew, they look good!”


For the Left Page:

  1. Cut five 3" strips of orange texture, green texture, purple texture and spider web papers. Layer the strips at angles as shown and adhere the edges to form a 12”x12" sheet of patchwork paper. Trim to 11 1/2" square and ink the edges.
  2. Stamp the rickrack stitches on a strip of leftover orange texture paper—stamp once, then re-ink the stamp, line it up and continue stamping. Trim the stamped image into a strip and glue it across the seam between the spider web paper and the purple texture paper.
  3. Stamp the zigzag stitches between the purple texture paper and the green texture paper.
  4. Stamp the “X” stitches between the green texture paper and the spider web paper.
  5. Stamp the dot stitches on green paper, trim to a strip, ink the edges and glue between the spider web paper and the orange texture.
  6. Stamp the dots along the bottom edge of the page. Stamp the dashes at the top.
  7. Center the patchwork page on a 12"x12" sheet of white cardstock and ink the edges.
  8. Mat the photo on green paper, then white cardstock, inking the edges of both. Stamp curlicue stitches overlapping the edges of the photo. Glue the photo to the right side of the page.
  9. Trace a tab onto orange texture paper. Journal onto the tab with a black pen, then add the candy punch-out with foam tape. Add the tab to the side of the photo and add a stitched zigzag along the edge. (Simply ink only the portion of the stamp you want, then position!)
  10. Adhere the spider punch-out with foam tape. Stamp on a piece of orange ribbon, tie into a bow and use a Zot™ to secure above the spider.
  11. Add journaling along the bottom of the page.

For the Right Page:

  1. Repeat patchwork effect to build the right-hand page. Add stamped dots to the top, and dashes at the bottom. Continue piecing the page with stamped stitches between the strips of paper. Journal at the top of the page.
  2. Mat a photo on orange texture paper, then white cardstock, inking the edges of both. Stamp the dots in white on black ribbon, fold into a loop and secure the loose ends behind the photo. Glue the photo to the page. Add a traced folder tab with journaling, candy punch-out and stamped stitches. Stamp curlicue stitches at the top right and bottom left of the photo as shown.
  3. Add the “Fright Night” punch-out to the top right corner of the page, add stamped stitches along the edges.
  4. Stamp onto a yellow ribbon, tie into a bow and attach to the bottom right of the page.

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