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Happy Thanksgiving Card
By: Gail Booth

stamping project
stamping project
stamping project
Gail Booth

Technique: Distress Paint Stamping – Use distress paint to ink your stamp and then create these vivid leaves from suede. The distress paint creates a “ghosted” look when stamped on dark paper.

Designer Tip: Distress paint must be quickly cleaned from your stamps, as it is hard to remove if allowed to dry. I mist the stamp with water as soon as I’m done stamping a few images, then wipe, mist and wipe again as soon as possible. Likewise, the cap should be left on the distress paint bottle between uses so that the sponge applicator won’t dry out.


  • 5”x6 1/2” Blank White Card (link)
  • Cider Artful Card Kit (link)
  • Cider Ribbon Set (link)
  • Suede Paper – Burgundy (link), Forest (link) & Moka (link)
  • Small Leaf Stamp (link)
  • Acrylic Block (link)
  • Silver Stickles (link)
  • Picket Fence Distress Paint (link)
  • Foam Tape (link)
  • Glue Stick (link)
  • Fine Tip Black Pen (link) or Computer Printer
  • Font: Cookie 28 pt.


  1. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the top. Cover with Cider green paper. Mat a Cider 6”x4 1/2” leaf border paper (with border art on the bottom) on Forest suede paper with a 1/16” border and glue on your card center.
  2. Distress Paint Stamping: Use the sponge applicator on the Picket Fence distress paint bottle to ink the small leaf stamp and stamp several images on the leaf border paper, re-inking between each stamping. Start at the upper left corner and end at the lower right corner, leaving room between each stamped leaf. Let dry.
  3. Distress Stamped Leaves: Ink the large leaf stamp with distress paint and use to stamp the following: three leaves on Moka suede, three leaves on Forest suede and two leaves on Burgundy suede. Let dry, then cut out around each stamped image. Apply Silver Stickles to some of the veins of each leaf and let dry.
  4. Pop out two medium leaf die-cuts and remove the paper nibs with your fingernail. Swipe the edges with distress paint, apply Stickles to the leaf veins and let dry. Zot™ four of the suede leaves onto the left side your card, as shown. Arrange the two die-cut leaves as shown, and foam tape in place.
  5. Paint the edges of the fence die-cut and let dry. Cut to 6 1/2” long and save the shorter length for your card inside. Foam tape the longer piece 1/16” from the bottom edge of the leaf border paper. Glue two more suede leaves over the fence as shown. Paint the edges of a 3/4” tan button, let dry and Zot™ over the two leaves. Zot™ on a bow.
  6. Paint the edges of the medallion circle and the green medallion, apply Stickles and let dry. Foam tape the green medallion over the circle. Cut out the “Oh Happy Day!” banner and trim off the banner ends. Cut out the matching blank banner and foam tape the word banner on top of it. Foam the banner over the medallion and foam tape the piece 1/16” from the border paper edges on the upper right corner. Zot™ on a bow.
  7. Card inside: Mat a Cider 5”x3 1/2” green paper on Burgundy suede paper with a 1/16” border and glue on your card center. Use distress paint to stamp the small leaf several times on the paper, starting at the upper left corner and end at the lower right corner and let dry.
  8. Foam tape the short fence die-cut over the two remaining suede leaves, 1/4” from the left side and 1/16” from the bottom edge of the green paper. Paint the edges of three acorn die cuts, stamp the small leaf on the bottom of the small “Happy FALL” tag and foam tape in place on the fence.
  9. Journal “Happy Thanksgiving!” on the 3”x2” blank label with burgundy border. Paint the edges, foam tape in place and Zot™ on a knot of ribbon.

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