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By LeNae Gerig

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We typically think of word stamps for handmade cards—but what about using a selection of card-worthy word stamps to create a border on a scrapbook page? That’s exactly what designer LeNae Gerig did for this fun and festive page!

LeNae created a dimensional effect around the focal photo on this page by simply arranging some stamped words to go partially behind the photo, while others overlap on top. The technique not only provides balance to this page, but also highlights the photo in a fun and unique way!



  1. Double-mat a 5x7" photo on red, then green paper. Ink the edges of the red mat with black ink to add definition. Place the photo on the background paper, but do not glue in place.
  2. Stamp some words along the left side of the photo, alternating red and brown ink. These will be the words that will overlap your photo.
  3. Remove the photo, then continue to stamp words in alternate colors of red and brown. These will be the words that are partially underneath the photo.
  4. After stamping is complete, affix the photo to the page. Computer journal or handwrite on a tag cut-out and add it to the bottom left corner of the large photo. Tie a bow with a piece of green ribbon and use a Zot™ to attach it to the top of the tag.
  5. Mat a 2 1/2" square photo on red paper and ink the edges black. Foam tape it overlapping the top right corner of the larger photo. Add a green ribbon bow along the side with a Zot™.
  6. Stamp “holiday spirit” above the small photo with brown ink and add “cheer” in red ink directly onto the photo.
  7. Computer journal or handwrite on two label punch-outs and attach underneath the small photo with red mini brads.
  8. Add a reindeer Brad Buddy™ beneath the label punch-outs.

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