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Peace, Joy & Blessings
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: For this card I used the technique called "stamping off" to achieve different shades of light and dark blue snowflakes. To do this, you stamp the full color image, then stamp again without re-inking for a lighter faded image—this image will be less perfect, more subtle, and a more realistic snowflake effect. I stamped some of the snowflakes off the edge of the card for a realistic effect. I also mixed stamped words with my computer printed words on the tag.



  1. Cut a 5"x6 1/2" light blue and white textured paper rectangle. Cover the bottom 4" with dark blue striped paper. Cover the bottom 3 1/2" with dark blue snowflakes paper so you have a blue striped border near the center.
  2. Stamp snowflakes on the light blue and white section, then stamp more between the first stamped images, without re-inking for lighter snowflakes. Add white mini brads as shown, and then glue the rectangle even with card front. Ink the edges.
  3. Computer print or write a greeting on tag, leaving space for stamped words and snowflakes. Stamp the words and snowflakes between the printed words. Add a silver star brad to top of the tag and glue centered to the card front. Tie a bow and Zot™ it to the card front.
  4. For the inside: Cut a 2 1/2"x4" dark blue striped rectangle and cover the right half with dark blue snowflakes paper. Ink the edges and glue centered to the inside. Write or computer print words on the tag, then stamp snowflakes on the bottom. Add brad to the top, ink the edges and glue the tag as shown.

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