Folded Shirt Card
October 8, 2008

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Mimi (posted 8 years 3 months ago)
I plan to use masculine paper to make this for mens Birthday cards. I will amaze them!
Laura Nason (posted 8 years 3 months ago)
I don't know if any of you have seen this, but there is a site,
where they have printable minis for doll houses. The items are free to print, use and share. The only thing they as is that you not sell them.
I have printed many of these items but the reason I'm mentioning it here is that one of the things, besides movie posters, mini cards etc. is money, mini dollar bills. How adorable the shirt card looks with a tiny $100 bill or a few, sticking out of the top of the pocket. The bills, and there are all denominations and different countries bills, are 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. SO CUTE!
Jeannie Burditt (posted 8 years 6 months ago)
I am SOOOOOO excited to have the instructions for this card. I've been wanting something special to make for Father's Day. THIS IS IT! Thank you for sharing.
Lysiane (posted 8 years 6 months ago)
So cute. I made a lot of difrente kinds. And one is a Black en tie shirt. I only cut open the front e little bit e slided white paper in front to close up the part I cut open.
Loving it
Donna (posted 8 years 6 months ago)
Lesley (posted 8 years 6 months ago)
I loved the shirt card.
I am using it to make Father day cards for some of the senior men in my group. On the inside I will write Happy Fathers Day and attatch two Hershy
Glenda DeMoss (posted 8 years 8 months ago)
I'm looking forward to getting the books! Thanks.
Susan (posted 8 years 8 months ago)
I was the hit of the party. I made these for my husbands birthday party...and everyone wanted to know how I did it...Thanks so much for sharing this!!!
Michelle N (posted 8 years 9 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this! I didn't know about these Webisodes until I saw it referenced in the PaperWishes catalog. I'll definitely be back!!
Susan (posted 8 years 9 months ago)
I LOVE this idea...I'm making my husbands birthday party invitations with it...Thanks so much!!!
Teresa (posted 8 years 11 months ago)
this is great thank you for sharing it with us
sera giordano (posted 9 years ago)
thank you so much you have made me so happy your instructional video was perfect and great thanks a bunch
Lauren (posted 9 years ago)
Hi Paulette and Sara!
I love these shirt cards, they are so fun to make. It's so much fun to expirement with different papers. One thing that I've found works well, is instead of using glitter for the santa, you can use cotton balls.
=) I love watching these videos, I look forward to them every week!
I'm a young cardmaker and scrapbooker and these videos are sources of many great ideas.
Thanks so much and hope you have a great holiday!
Olivia Flores (posted 9 years 1 month ago)
very good
Diana (posted 9 years 1 month ago)
Too cute!! I made my three year nephew a birthday card out of the shirt. He loves John Deere tractors, so I put a John Deere emblem on the pocket, and hand wrote his name on the opposite side of the shirt.
Stacey (posted 9 years 1 month ago)
I love this! I can't wait to try the Santa suit idea. I was trying to get some ideas for my Christmas cards and I now have one. Thanks so much!
Deb Looby (posted 9 years 1 month ago)
We were having an Hawaiian themed BBQ, and I printed off some backing papers with palm trees and little parrots on them in bright colours, they made the perfect littl Hawaiian shirt invitations, everybody commented on them and said they'd never seen anything like it before!
Judy (posted 9 years 1 month ago)
How cute is this. It's like a magic trick. I am making this for an invitation to a card party. Thanks!!!
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