Metal Embossing: Dolls
January 20, 2009

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Wendy Bellino (posted 10 years 8 months ago)
The girls from Ten Seconds Studios ROCK!!!Love their fantastic ideas! So glad to see that their product is featured here! Let's get "crack a lackin" with metal!
Jessica (posted 11 years 2 months ago)
I am just getting caught up on webisodes I missed during my busy season at work. I wanted to applaud you for adding a webisode that is outside the card and scrapbook boox. I think there are a lot of us who have gradually moved from the basics to mixed media projects. Like other folks said, many of the metal techniques could be used for album, card and page ideas. Plus, one could always make smaller sized dolls from the vast number of templates out there that would fit on cards and pages.

Thanks for sharing ladies :)
Jes (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
I've been a paper crafter for such a long time but I love the dolls! I had to get 2 dolls, one for me and one for my daughter. We spent this last weekend making dolls of our selves. This was a great project to do with her and I'm going to do this project for her bday party with all the girls! I would love to see more metal in the webisodes!
elaine (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Ruth Carlson (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Wow, in this economy all your kits are so pricey. Would love to make some dolls, but will have to wait til I win the Lotto.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Hi Ruth, I agree, at $63 it is a bit steeper than other kits, but the bundles for each segment do give a discount on the assortment of items used.

However, if you wanted to try the Metal Embossed Dolls, you could do the Doll ($14.99), the Skinny Mini Mold #1 ($3.99) and the Rock Star Metal ($10.95) and Paper Stump ($3.99). That will get you to about $34, which might be a bit more reasonable. You'd still need some sort of really strong adhesive and you wouldn't have the School Tools to make the patterns but you would be able to do a doll.

Another option, if you liked the doll part of it, is to get just the Doll and cover her with paper you've already got in your stash and other buttons, flowers, etc. You’d still have a really fun project, just minus the metal.

Don’t know if this helps but it might make it a little more reasonable...and you wouldn’t have to wait to win the Lotto! :)

Hope you have a good weekend and please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Thanks for watching!

Kelley (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Didn't like the dolls, either. But really like all the other webisodes!
Anne (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
They look like fun, but I was just happy to see something I don't want to buy. rotfl
Linda (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Gees, it is irritating to read negative comments. Crafters usually are open to new ideas and can adapt a technique to their craft. I hope next time they can think outside of the box. (My husband said to be careful cuz I could get hate mail-hope not)
Billie (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
I just bought some tools to play with and was trying to figure out how to use them, when I found your video. Thank you so much for sharing and now I am going to play.
Gwen Green (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
I didn't really like this video. I really like the paper crafts much better. I know I am not the only one our here watching so I just turned it off and will wait until next week and see if it interests me. Most usually they always so!
Keep up the great video's!
Margaret (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Love it! I've seen the tools before (at an exhibition) but wasn't sure how they were used. It helps to have such a clear demonstration - it really encourages me to start. Thank you
Lauren (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
These would look great in a shadow box, maybe in a row of three?
June (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
I enjoy watching Paper Wishes weekly webisodes, but not this one. The dolls with funky hair featured in this webisode are too "modern", not the cute kind of dolls I generally like.
I am sorry I have to say this.
jayne from UK (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
hi all
thanx for this unusual idea and product set. ive read all the posts with the webisode today. whilst this product is definitely different to those we normally see, i love it!! it is dissapointing that some crafters just poo poo a new idea without giving it a go. some of us are very happy to try something new, how do we continue to grow as crafters if we dont. i say you go girls and thanx for expanding MY imagination and bringing ME something different!! my message is .. OPEN YOUR MINDS & NEW is not spelt B.A.D.
happy crafting everyone
Louella (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Oh how cute, I am a scrapbooker and cardmaker and I would love to make one of these! For those of us whom are open to creativity, this is far from a waste of OUR artsy time! Louella
Sandy F. (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
What a waste of 15 minutes, how about getting back to paper stuff, like cards and scrapbooking.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Hi Sandy,

Thank you for letting us know what you thought of the segment on Metal Embossing Dolls. It really helps to know what our viewers like and dislike. I'm sorry you thought it was a waste of time!

Next week we will be back into the papercrafting mode with a Fun Flock 3 segment. Our designers have come up with even more techniques for using it on scrapbook pages and cards and the projects are really cool.

Again, thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think. See you next week!


PS. Just one more bit... Even if you don’t like the dolls, there are some fun things you can do with the metal and molds for card focals or page accents.
Maxine (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Wow,what wonderful product to play with. How much fun would it be to create a doll that embodies each decade of your life. Or your alter ego's Even mood dolls, or spirit dolls with what is carved upon your heart. I can think of many used for the techniques and tools. like small slide mounted frames. decorated plain buttons for charms. Even bird houses! The tools could even make patterns in heat and empress material to make stamps with. They could be used in clay. even paper embossing. My imagination is full of uses for this product. I think the dolls have just begun. I can see myslef now finding photos of my family and making dolls that represent who they were. Finding a little suitcase to hold them all, and writing down my memories of them along with photos in a scrapbook. What wonderful stories and play that would make for myself and anyone who wanted to know about them. The wooden frames are just the beginning. Thanks 10 sec studio I can't wait to find my first kit.
DavinaUK (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
Really good to see something different from scrapbooking and cards - I much enjoy your enthusiasm for papercraft and always appreciate seeing new techniques and ideas.
Shirley Tucker (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
I think they are a little spendy side and don't think they would be used that much but just my thought.
Stacey M. (posted 11 years 5 months ago)
For those that didn't think you could use these for scrapbooking, I think the dolls would look wonderful on the outside front of a scrapbook album (especially for a teenage girl)!
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