Vintage Christmas
October 2, 2012

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KathyA, Texas (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Ann,I will miss your beautiful designs. I am so greatful all the Websodes that you Paulette have done.
Ann, Good Luck in Florida.
Michele (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Ann,you will be missed.Love your bubbly personality and your love of sparkly things. Who's going to spray poor Paulette now? Good luck in Florida.
Joni (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Great webisode! I love the project ideas that you share. I'm so sad that this is Ann's last webisode!!! I look forward to seeing you girls together on Wednesdays. Ann, you remind me of a craft-y version of my daughter and I'm going to miss hearing of your life's journeys. Please let us know how we can follow your blog when you get settled in FL. May many blessings follow you and Felix to FL. Stay adorable!
Nyoka (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Will miss the great fun you two create for us!! Want to welcome you to the South, Ann.. I hope you love it here as much as I do! I have completed this years Christmas cards but I am purchasing this for next year!!! Thanks for the great products!! God bless!!
Janet Belcher (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Another fun webisode. Thanks, Paulette and Ann! Ann, I have so enjoyed all your webisodes and projects. You will be missed, but wish you all the best in this next chapter of your life. God bless you and Felix.
jeanine gordon (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Dear Ann and Paulette, I can't tell you how much the two of you have done for me. Ann, the very best to you as you move on. My your life be filled with much happiness and love. Paulette, my wish for you is that you go on forever being the wise, fun loving and wonderful spirit that I see each week.
Eileen (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Ann, you will be missed. I have so enjoyed watching you and Paulette have fun while showing us your wonderful products. Best of luck in all that you do in the future.
Angelique (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
I will miss you Ann! I LOVE this kit! I do believe I'm going to get it. Great price!
Susan (posted 7 years 9 months ago) sorry you'll be moving've been so happy and cheerful on the webisodes and your demonstrations have been wonderful. I must confess I was one of those who thought nobody would be able to replace Sara, but you gave the webisodes a different feel and have been a real asset. You and Paulette seem to have such a great rapport! Good luck in your future here in Florida!
Joy (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Gonna miss you Ann, its been real.
Judi (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Love the vintage cards. Please more vintage webisodes. This is great having something from the UK as well as our wonderful PW. Its a must have. Ann, I became teary when you were saying this was your last webisode. You're going to be very missed, girl friend. Yes, I feel like you're a dear girl friend. I wish you all the best in the future. Please keep in touch. I'm sure you'd be welcomed with open arms on the message board. God bless.
Kathy Serrahn (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
great episode
Ann, good luck on your new adventure with your husband and new location.
You will be missed
Peggy Tumminio (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
We will miss you!! Good luck in your new adventure. Your talent and expertise will be missed.
pat (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
WHY,WHY,WHY? What's in Fla? We will miss you terribly!
Seriously, hope you enjoy your new home. Send lots of news!
karlalala (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
i don't usually comment, but i buy a lot of what you gals play with!! Ann, best wishes to you and your new adventure!! you gals nearly made me cry today!! you are cute as a button and i really enjoyed you on the webisodes! Paulette, you can NEVER leave!! you always feel so warm and fuzzy - like a great aunt!! love Paper Wishes and the Webisodes!! many blessings!!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
From Paulette: I like being warm and fuzzy like a great aunt! Nope, I'm not leaving--I can't I own the place!
conniecrafter (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Will miss you very much Ann, wishing you all the best as you start a chapter in your life!
Suzanne Seabrook (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Another wonderful webisode with fantastic ideas. I need to win the lottery so I can order each week. Again, Ann, we are really going to miss you. It is a sad day for all your viewers but I hope a happy day for you..Hope you enjoy living in the South ! You will not need those winter clothes anymore for sure
Norma (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Another great webisode! Ann you will be so missed! I hope you love Florida!
Carol Lee Cherry (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Best wished Ann as you set off on a new journey. I have loved having breakfast with you on Wednesday(when I view the webisode). Thanks for your great humor, personality, and talent. Hope to be seeing you in a different venue in Florida.
LEW (posted 7 years 9 months ago)
Lovely setgoing to be such fun making all those wonderful cards.
SIGH going to miss you Ann you have brought a touch sunshine to the program. You and Paulette make such a great partnership. Always a pleasure watching you both.
Best wishes to you. lew
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