8 Squares & Scallops Metal Cutting Dies
July 25, 2018

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Elissa (posted 5 days 1 hour ago)
Love this set and the shaker card idea. Sad to see another wonderful paper craft shop turn to Amazon. As others have mentioned, Paperwishes is more than a place to buy great products - it's the personalized feeling you get from the staff (like the birthday videos. I wish all the staff good luck and lots of papercrafting in their new adventure.
Fern N (posted 6 days 15 hours ago)
Ladies, thank you for the many years of crafty goodness. While your products will still be available on Amazon, know that we weren’t just buying paper, becuase we can buy any brand of paper, we were also buying into your brand, which is to say we were buying you. Your personalities, your inspiration. Without that specialness, your store, unfortunately, just becomes another paper company on the market. Please reconsider.
Ruth Ann Smith (posted 9 days 19 hours ago)
So, so very sad that you are closing shop,I know things will be online at Amazon, however, the prices will be greater and I wonder will they carry everything that you did and had in your last catalogue? Felt like Paulette and the crew were personal friends. I found PW many years ago and have many, many items and some very favorite and in typing in #s of things I need, keep getting that it is no longer available. So very sad, I know things change but that doesn't mean that we have to like the change. I use Amazon for many things, however I like buying my stamping, crafting supplies from someone who knows what they are and can inspire me. Best of luck to you, Paulette and all of your employees. I will miss you!
Marlene Brett (posted 10 days 15 hours ago)
I really hate to see you go to Amazon. I've spent a lot of money with paper wishes but I made my last order today. I do not and will not shop on Amazon so I guess I won't be buying any more of your products. I'll have to find a different place to get supplies or quit scrapbooking and making cards. Have shopped with you for years but no more.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
WAIT! We are still operating as usual and we have new items all the time. We will send emails and post on the site when we make the move but it will be a few months yet. Be sure to check out the sales!!!!
Paullette Truslow (posted 10 days 22 hours ago)
Certainly miss those weekly webisodes on Wednesday. Good luck in the future and thanks for all of the great webisodes in the past.
Jade (posted 11 days 5 hours ago)
What about project images and instructions for products? Will they still be available? Will the project gallery be available anywhere? I’m not very creative but I can follow directions. I’ll be up the creek without a paddle if these won’t be a available anymore. I really hate to see you go.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Projects will be on the Amazon site for the products we will be carrying. I'm afraid we haven't found a way to keep all the projects available. You might want to print off those you want to keep.
Francine Seal (posted 11 days 5 hours ago)
I'm sorry, too, to see you going to Amazon. Change is SO challenging! But I'll keep my eye out on You Tube for new videos (I used to look forward to Wednesdays and Week-of-Webisodes always brought me much happiness (and less money in my bank [wicked, evil grin!]) I think I've discovered the new products and I've found your backlog of older webisodes, some of which I'd never seen before which are making me feel like scrapping and making cards again. I'll continue to watch for new webisodes and check out the new items. Best wishes to you and Happy $ale$ as we move into the future together.
lora (posted 14 days 9 hours ago)
Thank you for this set.
Ladies you are amazing!
Paula (posted 14 days 22 hours ago)
As someone who has used your site for all of my 11 years as a card maker, and spent literally thousands of dollars with you, I feel let down and bereft at all these unpleasant changes. I have not identified with any other crafting site the way I did with yours. I sometimes buy fro Amazon, but I don't like it. I don't like the way they do business. It's their way or the highway. With PW, you could send a check with a mail order, or order online and pay from your checking account via PayPal, as well as use a credit card. You could get someone on the phone. My computer has been in the shop for a week and a half, so I just now found this video, but I have watched your entire archive and try to never miss a sale. Unless I have missed it, you have offered no explanation for what you are doing. It seems very mysterious. I've noticed your products are usually higher when on Amazon. I so sympathize with all the other lost people on here. Paper tole and dazzles were two of your best products, making such lovely cards.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Change is really hard and when you suddenly find out about so many changes at once, it is simply hard. I understand. While I’m also not a fan of Amazon, selling there will allow us to continue to offer so many things and if you are a Prime member, they will be with free shipping. We are slowly getting products listed. The way Amazon works is if other people list our products they will also show up on our Amazon site. That’s why some items are at so many different prices. We are working on seeing how we can clean that up.

We will continue to send emails with what is new and special offers. If you are signed up to get our emails, you’ll know. If you aren’t signed up, please do. We will stay in contact.
Lynette Doherty (posted 15 days 3 hours ago)
I'm confused. Please clarify. Your products will be available on Amazon, your previous webisodes will be on PAper Wishes Facebook site. Okay, but will there be any new webisodes presented anywhere? IF not, so sad. I've enjoyed being part of the Paper Wishes family for a very long time. It's sad as there's no site quite like Paper Wishes.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Yes our products will be available on Amazon. Our webisodes will be on the PaperWishes channel on YouTube (not Facebook). I’m not sure about new webisodes but we’re looking at it. New items are on the way!
Katherine Armold (posted 17 days 2 hours ago)
So sorry to see you leave us. We really will miss this helpful webisode
Diana (posted 17 days 14 hours ago)
So vary sad to hear this was your last video as I have watched faithfully for so very many years.I am on amazon all the time as well, but how do we find your store, or your catalog, or your items without a specific name of a product. Can you Help is find our way to new things? I've already subscribed to you tube - what do we have to look forward to there?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
We will send you an email with the link. We are still working on the site but here is how to find it:
Kathy (posted 17 days 23 hours ago)
I am so sad to see you go to Amazon. I always felt like I was a member of your family on Paper wishes. NO ONE can take your place. I will miss you.
Margo Rankin (posted 18 days ago)
I love watching your videos. Would love to watch longer ones. Remember that seniors love to watch. But trouble with many abilities like computers.
Lynne S (posted 18 days 2 hours ago)
So sad about this. I have enjoyed all the webisodes and will miss them. Unfortunately I am not sure if I will be ordering from Amazon as the postage for me is so high I think I will find it too expensive
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
You probably know about Amazon Prime where you get free shipping for an annual fee.
LindaH (posted 18 days 7 hours ago)
Last webisode. Last Dazzle kit all in one day... I have enjoyed all the wonderful products, the webisodes full of beautiful projects, inspiration and helpful hints, the personalities of each of you - along with your designers, always showed through. I have followed along faithfully for many years now, and my craft stash is loaded with wonderful products from your inspiration. It is sad to see this come to an end. It was fun while it lasted! Best to ALL of you in your new endeavors
Debby Noel (posted 18 days 21 hours ago)
I have spent years with PaperWishes. I learned so much from the webisoded and the other bits and pieces of info during the sales. I'm really sad that another mom & pop store is leaving I just pray for all the hard working people that made the catalog available . It was like Christmas 3 or 4 times a year. Good Luck And may god bless you all.
Lois (posted 19 days 4 hours ago)
Thank you for this set. I've been enjoying have fun using different papers etc..
Ladies you are amazing!
Mary Helen Politte (posted 19 days 18 hours ago)
No more new webisodes! Oh, my!!!! Will there be new products? I feel so sad to watch paper wishes go to amazon. I have no trouble with amazon. I use it all the time, but I will definitely miss the fun, love, and fabously creative ideas I’ve had from paper wishes!
Kathleen Eubank (posted 19 days 22 hours ago)
Very Sad...I don't do business with Amazon. I did, however, check Paper Wishes every day to see the good sales and inspirational webisodes. Thank you for everything, but other than HSN, I probably won't be seeing you anymore either.
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