Perfect Pearls
July 24, 2012

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Judy Swarens (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Never knew how to use the Perfect Pearls - thanks so much
Karen H (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Wow, another great product. Had seen these but didn't know how to use them. Love the webisodes, such a wonderful learning tool. Thanks Paulette & Ann.
Carol Aarseth (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Thank You, Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful, informative Webisode on Perfect Pearls! I have had them for years, having bought them after using them in a card class, but have only used them occasionally to make sparkly backgrounds. I have learned so much from this webisode, like spritzing them with water to set the powder--so helpful!I will watch it again and take notes to leave in my PP supply box. I can't wait to play with my PP's. I have a dozen cards to make this week and, I think my PP's are going to get a workout!Thanks for such great ideas. Keep up the great work. And Congrats, Ann and Felix! Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.
Annette Siverson (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I have some of the metallic PP's and haven't played with them for quite a while. Time to get them out and play. Thanks so much for all of the ideas! Wow!
Arlene Thompson (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I want to thank you for this webisode on Perfect Pearls. I has the Jewel set given to me as a Christmas gift last year, and I didn't really know how to use them properly--I do now!! I went ahead and ordered the metallic set and the pens. Thank you again!!
Judy Rutherford (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I have had PP for a long time & had tried a few things but you have made me realize just how great these really are. We'l all need to order while the special is on so we don't run out with all the new things you've taught us with fall and Christmas cards to think about. When you did the shell I wondered if you also used water after to "set" the PP. I am so bad about blogs etc but just have to tell you how wonderful I think your webisodes are. You truly make everything fun to play with. Thank you so much! You two are awesome together! Anne we need to see lots of wedding photos! :o)
Pam (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I have worked with Perfect Pearls for awhile now but Paulette and Ann showed me some new ways to use them and I thank them for that. I love working with PP they are fun and now I can have more fun. Thanks Ann and Paulette!
Diana (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Wonderful techniques, once again. I've had these perfect pearls for years, but had forgotten about them. Guess I'll pull them out and start experimenting. Thanks ladies, for all the great ideas!
Debbie Lynn Pinson (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Thank you so much for this episode. I've had some perfect pearls for 3-4 years and haven't used them because I didn't know how. NOW I DO!
Maulene (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
learn so much more about how to use the perfect pearls thank you very much, sure hope I'll be able to view this webisode again as I'm sure I'll need to refresh my memory so time but really loved lot of the ideas you did. Again THANK YOU so much.
Judy (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas to use perfect pearls. I got some when my friend passed away earlier this year and wasn't sure how to use them. Now I do. Love the webisodes and always find new ways to use even old things. Thanks. Love you guys.
Sharon (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
AWESOME!That is all I can say--Just awesome
Heidi (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Well, yesterday I spent the day making marbled papers having been inspired by your Webisode. Now today's show has inspired me to play with your stamps and effect Pearls. You ladies sure have fun at work!
Barbara (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
ANother wonderful inspiring webisode! All of you are artists.
COngratulations ANn on your wedding. You and your husband make a handsome couple. THanks for sharing the photo
Susan D (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I have perfect pearls and love them. Thanks for showing even more ways to enhance my creations...
kathyc (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
Wow...great webisode! I'm so glad to see more ways to use my Perfect Pearls! Never thought of painting with them...well done, Ann and Paulette!
Jessica (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I'm with you paulette, no yogart here! No matter how good it is for me! lol
I've had a set of PPearls for over a year and still have most of the powder. So it does go a long way. I didn't think of using a template, so thanks for that!
Connie (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I love Perfect Pearls and I can't wait to try some of the new things you talked about.
Thanks so much!!!
Beverly Barberi (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
I can't believe how many creatively wonderful ideas you are packing into each Webisode this week!! Never knew how to use Perfect Pearls, so didn't buy them. What wonderful effects! Being a stamp nut, I LOVE the great variety of your stamps you demonstrate! Great job!
Janelle Graham (posted 5 years 4 months ago)
These webisodes just keep getting better and better! Thanks so much for so many great ideas. I love the rich look the Perfect Pearls gives to the project. So luxurious!
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